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Remember the goodness of others, and cultivate your own blessing!

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Remember the goodness of others, and cultivate your own blessing!

Be human,
Less stare at people's weaknesses,
Appreciate people's strengths,
Remember the goodness of others,
It ’s self-cultivation,
Tolerate the deficiencies of others,
Experienced is the mind.
Born to be human,
Jin has no barefoot, no man is perfect,
Do n’t be short of others,
Just negate all others,
Do n’t be dissatisfied because of yourself,
Just deliberately far away from others,
Learn to think differently,
Naturally tolerant,
The more the merrier,
Home by their parents, go out to rely on friends,
A person who is excellent may go fast,
But it is difficult to go further by singles.

People have different experience and different ideas,
People have different perspectives and naturally different views,
Contradictions are common in life,
As long as we get along together, there will be contradictions,
There will be disputes only when people interact with each other,
Only by learning to tolerate others can we win hearts and minds,
Only by understanding others can you be cared for.
Birds of a feather flock together,
When you see the shortcomings of others,
Should learn to reflect on himself,
Friends promote growth and progress,
Do n’t worry about trivial things,
Kindness nourishes blessings and generosity.

People must be grateful,
Do n’t because someone did n’t help you once,
Also negate the kindness of others before you,
Others help once,
Remember for a lifetime,
Do n’t just treat others as friends,
But once you have chosen, you must cherish it carefully.
It ’s human, it ’s inevitable to make mistakes,
Do n’t let go of chicken belly
If you make a mistake, you must discuss the matter,
Stop turning over those old accounts,
Everything is too real, and it ’s easy to lose feelings after getting along for a long time.
Being too stubborn to be a person will add too much trouble to the world.
Life is like a mirror,
What attitude do you take towards life,
What the world will look like,
Remember the goodness of others,
Others will remember your good,
Praise more and criticize less,
Tolerance is only for a long time.
Learn to cherish others, you will walk in others' hearts,
Know how to appreciate others, you will naturally win good popularity,
People are mutual, everyone is not stupid,
Your attitude is the temperature felt by others,
Do n’t blame society for being too realistic,
If you want to harvest, you must learn to give,
Remember the goodness of others, it is to bless yourself!


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