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About Homelove Company

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Foshan, the global capital of home manufacturing! This is a hot spot for entrepreneurship, which has witnessed countless inheritance, pioneering, and enterprising, and today, "There is a family and love" continues to write a brilliant chapter of entrepreneurship in this magical land.

Have a family and love, adhere to the product concept and service concept of "make home more love"! Over the past 25 years, Youjiayouai has focused on the research, development and manufacturing of fabric sofas. It has taken the responsibility of bringing comfort and health to the people and the user as the center to create new experiences with technology. "Home has love" launched an unprecedented living room revolution, leading the industry innovation trend. In order to let the public have a better home experience, "Having a home with love" is a breakthrough of tradition, subversion of innovation, and the use of craftsmen's heart to polish and sculpt the "make home more love" fabric sofa, so that the tall and cold technology shines out of humanity Delicate warm light. The technology of human nature is to provide people with a healthy and comfortable life. One flower, one world, one day at a time. Youjiayouai never stopped on the fabric sofa, and the creation of the overall home furnishing products is an extension of your new perception and imagination of life. In the interweaving of every detail of life, "There is family and love" light up the unique glory that belongs to you only.

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